Windshield Repair Or Windshield Replacement?

Typically, small chips or breaks that occur out of the driver’s line of sight on the road can usually be repaired quite easily without requiring a new windshield to be replaced. Commonly, these are chips or breaks caused by small road debris such as pebbles or rocks that are kicked up during the normal passing while the vehicle is in motion. Windshield crack repair is also an easy DIY project; virtually anyone can do it. To repair a cracked windshield, all you need is a small handheld windshield repair kit, typically costing around $8 to $20. You can even order one online with free shipping.

Windshield repairs often use resin-based solutions. Resin is used as a medium to solidify a chip or crack to hold it together while making it soft enough for the paint to still be able to be used on it. The resin used in a windshield repair process is usually a very thick gel or liquid. In order to make the repair process easy, the entire repair process usually starts at the crack or chip and then works outward.

Most chips and cracks heal themselves over time. If the crack or chip remains after a few weeks, simply apply a bit of light automotive paste wax to it to seal it. After a few months the damage has usually healed to the point that the windshield repair will be smooth. Some small chips, however, will require a windshield repair specialist. Often these are serious issues that require a chip specialist because they can cause damage to the structural integrity of the glass and compromise the safety of the vehicle.

Windshields can also experience some common damages that can make them look dirty or damaged. Scratches or small chips in the glass are easily fixed with glass polish. This type of repair process will require the assistance of a quality glass repair technician. Small scratches can also be repaired with an edge grip tape. These are often overlooked by drivers but can create unsightly damage.

The other most common reason for a car glass repair is broken glass. When a pane of glass breaks, it leaks gas into the airbag? This causes the airbag to expand and inflate while protecting the driver and the passenger. When a damaged window is replaced, the airbag will be deflated when the broken one is replaced.

Windshield repairs can also be necessary due to chips or cracks. Often times this is a cosmetic problem that does not present any danger to the driver. Chips or cracks that appear in the glass can be easily fixed using a small chip remover. The majority of auto glass stores have this product available. Sometimes the damage is so severe that a windshield repair technician must be called in.

Windshield repairs are performed by trained professionals who know exactly how to remove the broken glass and if necessary repair small chips. Many times the best option when it comes to windshield repairs is to have a glass replacement instead of a full windshield repair. Having the ability to replace the glass in the event that the only option is a full windshield repair makes good business sense. It’s much less costly to have the glass replaced than to repair the windshield. For example, glass repairs can run as much as $3000 whereas a full windshield replacement will most likely be much less than that.

In many cases, the replacement is better because of the many advantages that are offered. Glass products such as Windshields have been standardized so that they all have the same look and feel. For instance, Auto glass is all the same shape and size so that there is no compatibility issues when it comes to replacing parts. This also eliminates the frustration of having to buy two pieces of identical size and shape or have to take the vehicle in to have it refinished. A glass windshield repair is also a great way to protect the integrity of the windshield by preventing small shards from hitting the windshield as it moves in and out of the car in high speed collisions.

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