Value Post: Question about windshield repair in the rain

Q: I have an old, badly cracked windshield and was wondering how to take care of windshield repair in the rain. I live in Florida and often get rain storms here that seem to put my windshield to the test. I recently learned how to take care of windshield repair in the rain and was wondering if I should use a windshield repair kit or not. Any Advice? Thanks!

A: There are many factors that determine whether your windshield should be repaired or replaced, none of which are solely determined by the weather. A small crack is often the only thing that prevents you from driving, but if the crack is big enough, it could easily become the cause of a big accident. Your windshield must be completely dry for the liquid to properly adhere to the damaged area or chip. Most of the time, when it is raining hard, the windshield damage is contained within the chip until the next rain storm arrives, at which time the small crack may reappear and become a much bigger crack.

When you drive in rainy weather, it is important to focus on staying hydrated to avoid having any water seepage into the glass and causing cracks. When you take proper care of the car, most scratches and chips heal without too much trouble. However, when the damage is severe, there are some options available for repairing small windshield damage. Often, simply using a windshield repair kit is the best solution, especially if you don’t want to replace the entire glass.

If the chip or crack is contained within the chip itself, you should first try and get the moisture out of the affected area. This is usually accomplished by using some type of heat source such as an electric hair dryer, or even warm, soapy water. Next, use an epoxy sprayer to harden the chip. Epoxy is a great repair material that is able to adhere to almost any surface, including the chip. While you are waiting for the epoxy to cure, make sure you not directly touch the affected area as this can cause the chip to spread and get much worse.

Once the chip has been repaired, it is important to carefully inspect the repaired area. If there are any cracks or other damages, they should be inspected before you decide to replace the windshield. Also, be sure to check the frame underneath the glass for cracks. The repair process involves basically restoring your windshield to its original condition. If any damage exists, it should be replaced.

Some people believe that windshield cracks are permanent. While this is true for some types of cracks, these can often be repaired. If you notice cracks occurring after driving in severe weather, it is important to contact a windshield repair professional as soon as possible. The sooner you repair the crack, the less chance it has of becoming a larger crack that can compromise your safety. If you do notice a crack that needs to be treated, contact a repair specialist as soon as possible for the best results.

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